Coffee Blends



A truly energetic wake-up in a cup! It is a common misconception that darker coffee is stronger. In fact, the lighter the roast is, thehigher the caffeine content actually is. Which is why for our Donut Blend, we lightly roast a deliciously smooth variety of arabica beans that are hand sourced from small Colombian plantations. Because it is not over-roasted, our Donut Blend has become the most effectiveway to rise and shine on a Monday morning. Not only will this blend put a jolt in your system, but it has also been proven to tasteharmoniously well with….. bear claws, strudels, danishes, donuts, kronuts, or whatever breakfast sweets that you prefer to get you going in the morning. Once you try this blend, you are going to start putting your Keurig machine next to your alarm clock!




Our Hazelnut Infused coffee will let a sweet tooth keep dreaminglong after after waking up. We start with the sweetest coffee beans we can find. In the particular region of Brazil from where we source our beans, the climate is suited to allow beans to chance to reach theirabsolute flavor potential. These coffee cherries are picked at theripest point of maturity, allowing the bean to absorb as much of the cherry’s sweet flavor as possible. After we have roasted the beans to the  perfect level, their full body and sweet history results in a dark chocolate resonance. Once we infuse the freshly ground beans with hazelnut, it adopts a bold nutty flavor and aroma. Long story short, when an infusio Hazelnut cup is brewing, it smells remarkably like a dutch bakery. 




Our French Roast is…… “savoureux!” It takes a complex flavor to satisfy a true connoisseur of artisanal coffee. Our fusion of both darkly full bodied and also lightly sweet arabica strains, results in une explosion de saveur in a single sip. Getting past the heavenly sweet aroma and diving into the taste of our roast, opens up le monde of flavor complexity. You will be sent on a journey to a French cafe, where you will be met with vibrant acidity, strong body, and deep dark coffee bean flavor. After you enjoy your first sip, you will be left with clean notes of rich chocolat and a delightfully fruity aftertaste. Whether you are on the French Riviera, enjoying a croissant and a beautiful sunset, or simply in your office, dreaming of a vacation, our French Roast will more than satisfy your craving for la découverte de France, dès la première gorgée. 




Our City Roast is the coffee you just cannot get enough of in your life. Which is great, because it takes a lot of coffee to keep a city moving. Our medium roast of round body arabica beans is smooth and rich, but not overpowering. With a nutty, chocolate aroma and pleasantly woody notes, City Roast finds the balance between fullness and palatability, allowing you to power through your day without any stops in between, well, except for a quick coffee break. Sourced from one of the most technologically advanced coffee plantations in Latin America, these beans are all lab tested for aroma, taste and general quality. Our prized blend, City Roast is the coffee you will not be able to put down; making you wish your Keurig machine could brew two cups at once. 




We use the same care and selectivity in our beans and our roasting for our decaf blend as we do with all of our coffee. We know that to decaf drinkers, the taste is EVERYTHING. Which is why all of our decaf coffee is naturally decaffeinated. We actually use COFFEE to decaffeinate coffee! We take a mixture of water and extracted coffee oils that are already decaffeinated and bathe the beans to separate them from the caffeine. Once they are separated, we rinse and dry the beans. The highly caffeinated extract that we’ve removed, we pass through sucrose soaked charcoals to absorb the caffeine without removing taste. This leaves us with decaffeinated coffee oils which we can use to start the process again! Long story short, all of our coffee is naturally decaffeinated to preserve the taste and flavor that you desire.