Become a Business Pro and make 10% Commission on every order you bring us

Plus you if bring a new customer and they keep ordering from The Business Pro Shop then you keep getting 10% of the order in Commission.  Bring us Great Customers that keep ordering from Truesource keep making commission through our Affiliate Program for just recommending them to us. Plus, we pay Commission Daily. That’s right, get paid Daily!  All you have to do is recommend a customer to us through our referral program or have a customer click on one of your ads and use your PROMO CODE to order something with our Affiliate Program.  You can make $400 – $1,000 a week with our affiliate and referral programs and keep making money each time a customer you referred or clicked on your ad orders from us. You get constant residuals from the customers that you bring us.  There’s no direct sales!  No following up with customers. No having to make hundreds of phone calls every day…just a little bit of online marketing and referring Customers to The Business Pro Shop and you can make money every day!


How It works


  1. You will be assigned a PROMO CODE that will give each new customer a free set of business cards with their first order. The code tracks how many customers you send and order from us.


  1. You will be given Ads that you can post on your website if you have one, socials media sites and classifieds such as Craig’s List, eBay Classified’s  and with your Promo Code.


  1. Customers can contact us directly through your Ad or Click on it to our Website.


  1. We will make the sale with the customer and as soon as the sale is complete, the next day we deposit your commission.


  1. You do not have to do Direct Sales or Talk to Customers. They will click on the ads you post and go to our website or call us directly. They can apply your promo code or we will so they can get their Free Business Cards and you get credit for the sale as part of the affiliate program.


  1. If you bring us a customer through the affiliate program and they keep ordering with us then you keep getting commission from their sales…YOU GET CONSTANT RESIDUALS.



  •  250:     2 x 4 inch Coupons – $25.00
  •  500:     2 x 4 inch Coupons – $28.00
  • 1,000:   2 x 4 inch Coupons – $30.00
  • 2,500:    2 x 4 inch Coupons – $48.00
  • 5,000:    2 x 4 inch Coupons – $68.00
  • 10,000:  2 x 4 inch Coupons – $110.00
  • PHP Website & User Control + 1 Year of Hosting +  Domain  – $110.00







  • Send us a Customer’s Contact Information and what they are looking to order
  • We contact the customer and make the order
  • You get paid 10% Commission the day after their order has been made.
  • We will deposit your commission in your PayPal Account…You Can Get Paid on a Daily Basis



EMAIL US:  (Subject: New Customer)

TEXT US: 469-708-9954


     Send Us this Customer Information


  1. Send us Customer’s Number.


  1. Send Us Customers Email.


  1. Tell us what they are looking for.


  1. Tell us Your Name so we know who referred the customer and you can get paid.




  • You refer a customer to us by sending their information through our website, or email, or texting it to us.
  • We will contact the customer and help them with their order. We make the sale and get them to order. You don’t have to do anything but refer the customer to us or give us the lead.
  • When the order has been made you will get a copy of their conformation email for the order. 
  • The next business day after the order has been completely processed through our merchant we will send your 10% commission and that’s the 10% of the order. We will send your commission to your PayPal Account.  
  • If a Customer calls our emails us we will always ask them how they heard about us and if someone referred them that we can make sure you are credited with the referral.
  • We have Sales Tools that you can use to promote The Business Pro Shop such as Flyers and Picture Ads that you can use to email or text customers. You can Also use these Picture Ads on Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter or Post these Ads on or or eBay Classifieds.  We will make Custom Ads for you with your own unique promo code that we can use to track who referred the customer to us.


  1. FREE online advertising

Put ads on these sites every day or every few days with your contact information. You will need to renew them ever few days.  These are free sites to get people to contact you about our services. These are

  • Craig’s List
  • com
  • eBay Classifieds
  1. Social Media Advertising

Post Ads on Social sites.  Use social media to let people know how you can save them money on printing and web services and advertising.  To make social media work for you, you have to most posts every day.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • com
  1. Email and Texting

Setup an email campaign. Email businesses Ads about our wonderful savings such as companies with a lot of employees. You can email companies that advertise on Craig’s List and as well as Businesses on Facebook and Linkedin.  Make a goal to email 50 to 100 people every day.  You can also text people you know this Website……tell them that for monster savings go to this website. Remember if they call or email us then we will ask them how they heard about us so you can get credit for the referral.

  1. Direct Marketing

The best form of marketing is always direct marketing.  Reach out to people and meet them one by one.  Whether you are going from business to business or talking to strangers you meet on the street, or even cold calling businesses, the more you reach out to people in person, the more opportunities you have to get new customers. You can leave information with the people you meet, but the most important part of direct marketing is to get their attention and want to talk to you about our services or get them to contact you again.