Website Design

      All design prices are based on the number of pages we will have to create for your website. When we design a website we also create all the graphics for the site including a logo if we have to, which will be owned by the customer once the job is done. We will create a full interactive website with all the information you desire to get started, but the more information you add to the website the more pages we have to create. A Sales and Commerce Website will not include inventory if there is a commerce database attached to the website. If we do that then a customer will be charged Website Update fees depending on the amount of hours we have to work to complete the inventory.  Website updates are $25 an hour.

    Website Setup

    There is a website setup fee. This is our fee for setting up your website hosting package. Domain Registration is charged separately – the fee for that is $15.00. While we do professionally design your website you still have to get the website package setup if this is your first website and you have never registered a hosting package before.  Our setup fee to create your hosting package with Truesource Design or another company is is $30.00.

    Website Hosting

   If you need for us to host your website then we can do that for you.  This allows you to have easy access to your website setup and control panel, but most importantly you can call our customer service and make changes to your website package and your website. Have professionals operate your website for you.  Your Hosting package will start at $12.99 a month  and you can have unlimited emails, up to 3 domains or Websites all under one hosting package starting at $12.99 a month.  Each additional website after that will be and additional 4.00 in your hosting package. 

Website with 1-5 Pages $99.00
Website with 6-10 Pages $150.00
Website with 11-15 Pages $180.00
Website with 16-25  Pages $225.00
Sales and Commerce Website $300.00
Extra Web Pages – 5 Pages $50.00

All Payments processed through the The Business Pro Shop Payment Center

1 Year Website Hosting – Basic Package $65.00
1 Year Website Hosting – Silver Package $80.00
1 Year Website Hosting – Gold Package $90.00
1 Website Hosting Configuration & Updates $10.00
Website Updates $35.00 hr
Website Hosting Setup $30.00
Domain Registration $15.00
Database Configuration – Blogs, Discussion Boards, ect…. $40.00