InfuSio k-cups are ALWAYS freshly ground, perfectly roasted, and begin from single origin, premium beans.

The best coffee, is fresh coffee. We firmly believe that coffee should be roasted, ground, and consumed as quickly as possible. NONE of our k-cups would dare be caught sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf for months at a time. 

Because of this firm belief we hold, we have built our entire supply chain around providing you with the freshest beans possible. By adopting lean techniques and implementing just-in-time manufacturing, we ensure that a k-cup is not being produced, unless it is specifically ordered. 

InfuSio k-cups are all roasted and packaged in small batches based on your demand. This lowers both work-in-progress and finished goods inventory, which means there are no beans, nor are there coffee grounds sitting around getting stale.Carefully sourced green beans are roasted, ground, packaged, and shipped in one swift move. Before you know it, there is a box on your door containing some of the richest coffee you’ve ever experienced. All readily available to you at the push of a button on your Keurig machine. 

Yes. We really are that good at what we do. Mostly, because we love to do it. 



Our Beans

InfuSio™ selectively sources highly cultivated, premium green coffee beans which originate from all over the world. Great coffee begins with great beans. It is our solid commitment to only source and roast the best beans we can find. Our sourcing partners have decades of experience in finding the most premium green beans. If the bean doesn’t meet our requirements, we won’t roast it. Sourcing the purest green beans from around the world is they very first step in how InfuSio provides you with k-cups that have outstanding flavor andintoxicating aroma. After we’ve gone through the trouble to find you the best beans we can, we take careful steps to make sure that we roast them just right to your liking. Our passionately committed and well-trained team visually inspects each green bean before it is roasted. Any visual impurities we may find are immediately discarded so as to not disrupt the flavor profile of your k-cups.

Our Roasting

Once we’ve identified the healthiest and best looking beans, we send them to our esteemed roasting artist. Although we’ve done all the math and have discovered the perfect temperature to roast our beans at, we cannot ignore the element of artistic talent that goes into roasting. We use the most advanced roasting technology, however no amount of technology can replace a trained craftsman. Because we hold fast to this belief, our roasting artist constantly inspects and tests our process. Armed with his canine-level senses, he watches, smells, and listens to the roaster. Incredibly in tune with his equipment, the roaster becomes an extension of his own supreme talent and ability. If a batch of beans does not come out to our high standards, we start over all again. Once the beans are roasted to our liking, we cool and degas them. It is important that beans have enough time to degas before grinding and packaging, however not enough time to get stale. Because we roast in small batches and only make to order, our beans are always fresh upon packaging.