We have the best prices when it comes EDDM services and we do everything with the United States Post Office so you don’t have to. Get your printing and mailing services all done at the same place and you will never have to go to the Post Office.

This is how it works.  Our Prices on the list below are based on getting everything ready for direct mailers.  We can do a Blind List or a Fixed List when it comes to shipping our mailers.  The prices DO NOT include Printing. It does Include Processing and sorting and making sure that your print work has the proper box for the stand and address. All you have to do is submit the artwork or have us design the artwork, send us your fixed list or choose where you want to send your materials for a blind list direct mailer then make your order.  After that you will get a few samples of the artwork and everything else will be mailed based on where you want your marketing material mailed to.

A $100.00 permit fee will be accessed to each order except blind direct mail