We can design and build a website for whatever kind of business you have. Our websites are simple, but dynamic with full interaction with customers. We never design something with flash or glimmer that make it hard for your customers to get around your website and find out what you are all about. The best websites for business are the ones that are simple and look great attracting customers to your site while giving you a great website presence.

      To be successful in business within the 21st century you need a website that’s dynamic and functioning making your customers coming back time and time again.  Don’t let your business suffer because you have a unprofessional website or a website that customers can’t find their way around.  The best part about us designing your website is we can do it for $350 or less. The average website will only cost $200.  Now you can get a website for $99 You don’t have to spend a thousand dollars to have a great website for your business. Best Price Design and Installation can give you the website you deserve at the most affordable price.

 95% of our websites are WordPress sites for easy customer access

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What we do when designing our site

  •  A unique Graphic Design specific for your site and business
  •  Information Pages such as “about us” or “contact”
  •  Install a photo gallery, discussion board, or blog
  •  Online Form Setup
  •  Set Up Commerce Database or Payment Processing
  •  Install videos, Music Players, or Flash Shows
  •  Publish your website to the internet
  •  Web Hosting Setup  –includes registering your domain


Service Website

Service Websites are a type of information website for your service company. This kind of website is great for Electrical Companies, Plumbers, Tech Support Companies, Car Dealerships and any kind of company that provides some kind of service to the public. Your website is designed to give the out information about your company such as the type of services you provide, your prices, and most importantly how to contact you. Service Websites are are simple and range anywhere from 4 to 7 pages. The most important aspect of this kind of website is to give the public the essential information about what you do and how to contact you. 


Commerce Website

A Sales and Commerce website is a sales website designed to sell your products online. If you have a retail operation that sells a product then a commerce website is for you. The commerce website works with an online merchant like PayPal to process online payments. Sales and Commerce websites can also work with a payment commerce database that holds inventory, processes payments, and create invoices. A good example of this is a Zen Cart ( This kind of website can range anywhere from 5 to 100 pages. The two most important aspects of the sales and commerce website is an easy payment process, information for customers, and contact information.


Information Website

These kinds of websites are general information websites that let the public know what you do. Information Websites can be promotional websites, church websites, news letters, festival or event websites, restaurant websites, or a company website that gives the public basic information about your company. Information websites range from 1 to 7 pages.  The two most important aspects of an Information website is the essential information of what you do and how to contact you.


Sales Lead or Promotion Website

A Sales Lead or Promotion Website is essentially a promotional website that allows customers to give their contact information through an online form thus creating a sales lead. This kind of website gives basic information about your company and what you sell. In addition this kind of website can be used as a promotional website to promote your product. Sales Lead and Promotion Websites are only 1 to 4 pages. The two most important aspects of the Sales Lead and Promotion website is the essential information of what you do , what you’re promoting ,and a way to gather customer’s information.


Artist  Website

An artist website is an information website for artists such as photographers, authors, designers, and painters. This kind of website is an interactive website for fans where they can not only get news and general information about the artist’s work they can also contact the artist. An artist’s website usually contains photo galleries, music playlists, discussion boards, event calendars and blogs. This website contains everything an artist needs to promote their work and stay connected with fans. While this kind of website is a general information website it does contain a lot of tools that fans can use to interact with the artist.  Artist Websites are only 4 to 8 pages. The two most important aspects of the Artist Website is the essential information of what the artist does, the work they’re promoting, and a way for fans to contact the artist.


News or Media Website

A News and Media Website is a website that reports the news for the public.  This can be a website for a newspaper, magazine, TV station, or Radio Station. You can not only get written stories and blogs that are updated in real time, but you can watch streaming videos and listen to radio programs in real time from a news and media website. These kinds of websites can be any where from 5 to 25 pages. The two most important aspects of the news and media website is the up to date news that’s reported in real time, information about your news organization, and how to contact you including news tips.


Salesman Website

A Salesman Websites an information website plus blog type website for salesman who are looking to brand themselves and what they sell.  The Website can be updated daily in a news or blog fashion, plus gives potential customer to get to know you and what you sell. The best kind of salesman is one who can market and brand himself and develops a customer base that will always go to him or her for the product they sell such as insurance salesman, car salesman & ect. You have pages such as “Who I Am,” “Testimonials,”  “Buying Tips,” and “What I Sell.” This is a new concept in website marketing and we offer an  inexpensive way to brand yourself and what you sell so you can find new customers and increase your sales every month. Plus, you can update everyday and don’t need any web experience to do so. We can also connect it to your social media sites.  If you want more commissions in your paycheck then let us design a salesman website for you.