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This is also known as trade publishing. It the type of publishing where the manuscript submitted to the publisher is reviewed and then selected for publishing. The publisher will design the cover, edit it, copyright it, market it, and distribute the book through book stores and book dealers. The publisher will also assign or find a agent or business manager to represent the author and help in the publishing process. Trade publishers sell their books through the channels that have been specifically established for books—bookstores, libraries, and wholesalers. Trade books are published for children, teenagers, and adults. They can be works of fiction or nonfiction, hardcover or paperback. Generally, trade publishing is the most high profile type of publishing as it is the most commercially focused.



The partners program is exactly what it says – a partnership between an author and T M Publishers when it comes to publishing a book. Not everything that is submitted to us is selected for traditional publishing, but we have a program for authors to still be published through our firm and still receive the same full services as an author who was published traditionally.  Here is how it works…You set your title up and pay the setup fees . The prices are based on the page count of the book and whether it has illustrations or pictures in it or if the book is a color book with pictures or illustrations in it.  Once you have done that you receive the same full service publishing as someone who published traditionally including the same type of discounts on the book. Your book is published. When you have sold 600 copies of the book including purchasing your own book with your author discount then we will you back the same amount of money you paid us to set your title up because you have sold enough copies of the book to start you and your book on the road to success.  That’s right, we will give you a rebate check for the setup fees you’ve paid. You can make your money back plus make royalties. The point of this program is to reward success.  Of course you still make your royalties from your books being sold and that starts when the first book is sold in a bookstore. You start making money from day one.

      We cannot guarantee that a book will sell, but you should have the chance to sell your book and put into print. However, we are all about rewarding success and this is our way of doing it.  There are books that we do not want to take a chance on for traditional publishing, but we still want to offer you the chance to publish your book through a great publisher, with excellent prices, and publishers your book correctly Vanity presses, like Publish America cannot do this and the only way to publish a successful book is to publish it right. The Partners Program gives you a chance to do that without having to be rejected by a publisher and make your money back when you set up your title. This is something vanity presses will not do and it also why we offer an alternative choice for success. The Partners Program is just one more option for publishing your book.



This if for people who are just looking to have their books printed and not go through normal distribution channels. The same pricing including setup fees and book sizes as for other publishing categories still applies in Direct Printing.  We can still help you with editing, design services, and most importantly the printing process, but you will have your own distribution. We also have the best prices on book printing.



This if for people who are just looking to have their books printed in digital format.  We can format your books for eBook Publishing.  We can also Publish your eBook through out Online Publishing services.  We Publish eBook
through Kobo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smash Words.