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We do NOT charge shipping fees on all order if it IS  FedEx or UPS Ground.  Because our stores are online locations and do not allow STORE PICKUP at our corporate office – orders will be drop-ship your order you. If its expedited shipping then you will have to pay  the extra costs.  Our regular shipping format is UPS Ground so our shipping prices are based on their prices. If you need items faster then you will be charged a rush order for the item you are printing and expedited shipping rates in custom invoice for your order.  We use what we call a table format for shipping prices, it’s based on the weight of the packages, which is based on the shipping prices of UPS and the amount of money you spend.  Orders of up to 1,000 print units can take 3 to 7 business days to process, orders of 2,500 print units or more can take 4 to 8 business days to process, and orders of 20,000 print units or more can take 10 to 14 business days to process.